Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Class Schedule

Our new class schedule is now available on our web site. Here's the link:


If you need Continuing Education Units (CEU's), then sign up for one of our FREE classes. At the moment, we have classes scheduled on the following subjects:

- FHA Loans - if you're staying away from FHA, you're losing money - these deal are easy, easy, easy
- VA Loans - always the best way to go for someone who has served our country
- Automated Underwriting Systems - learn what goes into a pre-approval (or what is SUPPOSED to go into a pre-approval)

We also have classes at Colorado Free University that are open to the general public. Tell your prospects about these and look like an expert:

- How to Choose the Right Mortgage - no hype, just the facts about every kind of loan that's available
- How to Read a Credit Report - what to do and what not to do to raise your credit scores - if you've ever lost a deal because a client's credit score was too low, this class is a must
- How Not to Get Ripped-Off When Buying a House - learn all the ways a lender can rip-off your buyers - send your prospects to this class and they will love you forever

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