Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Denver Area Seminar: How to Avoid Home Loan Rip-Offs

Have you attended our “How to Avoid Home Loan Rip-Offs” seminar yet? Here’s what we cover in this FREE eye-opening presentation:

• How to spot the rip-offs before they happen
-- We give you a list of all the common rip-offs, tell you how they work, and tell you how to avoid them
• How to interview a lender and find out if they are knowledgeable and honest
-- We provide a fool-proof set of questions you should ask every lender
• How are interest rates determined and how to tell if you are getting a good deal
• How to know if your closing costs are reasonable, and how to make sure they don’t change
• What to do if you think you’re being ripped-off
• How to tell if your lender really locked your interest rate
• How to tell if your pre-approval letter (the letter your lender gives you to show that you can qualify for a mortgage) is even worth the paper it’s printed on

We are often asked, “Why do you present these seminars for free?” The answer is quite simple.

Dishonesty in the mortgage industry has resulted in millions of people in the United States being victimized. Up until a few years ago, there were only two states that had absolutely NO registration or licensing for mortgage brokers – Alaska and COLORADO!

Licensing exists now, but it has done very little to stop the dishonesty. People continue to be ripped-off, and WE ARE SICK OF IT!

Most people don’t buy more than a few houses in their entire lifetime, and the financing for homes is very confusing, to say the least.

Our goal is to clearly explain to you exactly what is involved with home financing. This seminar cuts through the hype and the lies and will leave you with the knowledge necessary to AVOID HOME LOAN RIP-OFFS!

We hold the seminars on Wednesday evenings from 6:30PM – 8:30PM and on Saturdays from 10:00AM – noon. Call us for more details and dates. 303-345-3683

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