Monday, May 17, 2010

Would You Pay to Make a Lender Suffer?

Would you pay to make a lender suffer?
What if it was tax deductible?

On June 6, I’ll be running in the San Diego Marathon to raise funds for Free Food 4 Families, a Denver non-profit that provides free food deliveries to Denver families in need. This will be the second of four marathons I’ll be running this year and I’m already suffering horribly. If you sponsor me, you can rest easy knowing you are helping the less fortunate in our community. Your donation is also tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. But best of all, you can sit back and smile knowing you are a part of the intense pain being inflicted upon a mortgage broker.

Here’s a link to the sponsor form:

The suggested donation is $1 per mile, for a total of $26.20. Free Food 4 Families can use any amount you choose to donate, though. Sign up today and help some needy families get nutritious food, get a tax deduction, and make a lender suffer!

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