Thursday, October 7, 2010

Learn ALL the Mortgage Rip-Offs -- for Free!

By now, everyone knows that you can get ripped-off when you get a mortgage, but most people are a little fuzzy on exactly how those rip-offs occur. Want to know how it's done?

Attend our "How Not to Get Ripped-Off When Buying a House" class at Colorado Free University on Wednesday, October 20, and find out how the bad guys operate and how to protect yourself from their evil ways.

The class is a crowd pleaser and it's FREE!

Here's who should attend:

-- Your prospects who are sitting on the fence because they're afraid of the banks and the mortgage brokers.
-- You. Unless you've been a mortgage broker, you can't even begin to imagine how bad some of them are. Protect YOUR deals by learning what to look for.
-- Everyone in your sphere of influence. If you are the person who educates your sphere, then you are the person who gets the deals.

Here's what we cover:

-- The flow of mortgage money, from the closing until when China buys our mortgage backed securities. Learn how it all works, in plain English. If you don't know how the money flows, you can't possibly understand how the rip-offs occur. If you've ever wondered about how or why the money gets (or doesn't get) to a closing, this class is for you.
-- Get a look at an actual rate sheet. Learn exactly how much lenders get paid (it's a lot more than you think). Learn how almost EVERYONE gets ripped off when they pay points.
-- Learn all the common rip-off lines.
-- Learn why interest rates change.
-- Learn how to tell in a minute if your lender is honest, or good, or honest AND good.

Here are the details:

-- The class is FREE.
-- The date is Wednesday, October 20, from 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM.
-- The place is the Colorado Free University campus at Lowry - near 1st and Quebec.
-- To register, call Colorado Free University at 303-399-0093.
-- We do NOT offer CEU credits for this class.

Tell your prospects, tell your friends, and make sure you attend yourself.

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