Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Real Estate Agents: Ask a Question - Get $25

Real estate agents are always asking us questions. That's a good thing. Now it gets even better!

Email us a question about mortgages. If we choose your question, we'll answer it in our next email newsletter, AND we'll deliver a $25 gift card to you as a way of saying "Thank You" for helping to expand the knowledge base of our local real estate industry.

If you'd like, we'll also include your name and contact information in the newsletter, which goes to 6000 real estate agents and 600 of our past clients and current prospects.

So here's what you get, just for asking a question about mortgages:
  • $25 gift card - delivered to you personally.
  • Your name and contact information sent directly to 6000 local real estate agents and 600 of our local clients and prospects.
  • The correct answer!
  • A chance to help expand the local real estate knowledge base.
Getting a loan approved is easy - if you know what to do. The Mortgage Experts know what to do!!!

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