Monday, October 14, 2013

FHA Loan Now and Conventional Loan Later?

As you probably know by now, mortgage insurance never goes away with FHA loans, unless you put 10% or more down.  Even with 10% or more down, it still lasts for 11 years.  This rule went into effect in June, and it really makes FHA loans pretty unattractive for a lot of people.  

The one real big advantage of FHA loans is that everyone pays the same interest rate, regardless of credit scores.  With conventional loans, the lower your credit score, the higher your interest rate, which makes conventional loans pretty unattractive for a lot of people.

Buyers and agents are always asking us if it makes sense to get an FHA loan to buy a house, and then refinance out of the FHA loan once the borrower's credit scores are higher.  

Although that might seem like a good idea, we never recommend that anyone plan to finance their house with that plan in mind.

Here's why:
  • When you refinance (regardless of the type of loan) there are closing costs involved.  The closing costs for a refinance are no cheaper than they are for a purchase, so you would in effect be paying twice the closing costs if you go into a purchase transaction with the intent of refinancing out of the original loan.  That is a complete waste of your money.
  • There is no guarantee that your credit scores will be higher in the future.  If you don't pay your bills now, why would you suddenly start paying them after buying a house?
  • There is no guarantee that interest rates will be low enough to save you any money at all when it comes time to refinance.
  • No one knows what the underwriting guidelines are going to be when it comes time to refinance.  You might not even qualify for a refinance.
Bottom line is that you should never get a loan with the intention of getting out of that loan and getting another loan to save money. You might not be able to do it.

There are many unethical lenders who will tell you that getting an FHA loan and then refinancing out of it into a conventional loan is a good plan.  They are mistaken, and they tell you it's a good idea so they can double their income by selling you two loans.  It is a horrible plan, unless you have a very strong appetite for risk, and you don't mind losing money if your gamble doesn't pay off.

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