Friday, May 2, 2014

Does Your Lender Go to Their Closings?

Does your lender go to their closings?  We suspect that not many lenders do, considering that when we go to our closings, someone always mentions how nice it is to have us there.

Why don't most lenders attend their closings?  There's only one reason: they are afraid someone will ask them a question.

We typically don't get asked any questions at closings because we already explained everything about the mortgage that our borrowers are getting.  But even if someone does have a question for us, we don't care.  Our job is to answer questions.  We get paid for selling loans, and we think we owe it to our clients and the agents we work with to show up at closings and finish the job.

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Does your lender sell directly to Fannie Mae like we do, or do they have additional underwriting guidelines that prevent loans from being approved? 

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